Markus Becker

Research Interests

Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet/Web of Things, Protocols, Simulation, Logistical Applications


M. Becker:

Services in Wireless Sensor Networks - Modelling and Optimisation for the Efficient Discovery of Services.

Series: Advanced Studies Mobile Research Center Bremen. Springer-Vieweg, 2014.

ISBN: 978-3-658-05401-4 (Print) 978-3-658-05402-1 (Online)

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Markus Becker, Communication Networks, University of Bremen, Germany received his Diploma in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in 2004 at the Aachen University of Technology, Germany (

During his studies he spent 9 months abroad at the University College Cork, Ireland (, taking courses in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Work Experience

He has been an intern at Nokia Networks GmbH ( in 2003 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

In September 2004 he joined the Communication Networks Group at the University of Bremen as a Research Assistant and a PhD candidate. He has been involved in a German Research Project called CRC 637 'Autonomous Cooperating Logistics Processes' ( Lately, he has worked in the research project 'The Intelligent Container' (, where Wireless Sensor Networks are applied in transport logistics.

He has been a member of COST 285 'Modelling and Simulation Tools for Research in Emerging Multi-service Telecommunications' and ITG working group 5.2.4 'Mobility in IP-based systems' (

Publications as in my Bibliography File:

Supervised Student Theses


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Master Seminar: Yongzi Zeng: Wireless Mesh Network and its Applications. 17.11.2005

Master Thesis: Liu Ye: Applications in a Mobile Ad Hoc Network Using Standard Wireless Local Area Network Components. 25.12.2005


Mini Project: Yuntao Fu: Wireless Sensor Networks Testbed Setup - Webpage Design and Implementation. 21.11.2006


Mini Project: Uday Kumar Adusumilli: Fundamentals of Sensor Network Gatewaying & Testbed. 20.3.2007

Mini Project: Yongzi Zeng: Wireless Sensor Networks Testbed Setup. 9.6.2007

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Master Thesis: Avanti Chitnis: Service Integration of Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet Protocol Networks - Implementation, Demonstration and Evaluation. 31.10.2007

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Master Thesis: Shaoping Yuan: Survey, Implementation and Simulation of Logistical Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks. 31.1.2008

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